The Drink Dress

Outstanding entertainment for your event, customized to be the perfect addition to your event, one your guests will never forget.

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Since 2015

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We are Drink Dress. We are known for our one-of-a-kind metal and walnut dress that holds up to 79 glasses or nearly any shape or size.

What is better than having an unbelievable piece of living art and walk-around entertainment at your event?

A fully-customize able work of art that comes right to your event. You can customize the color theme of all items of the Drink Dress, skirt, corset, embellishments and wig to wow your guests and compliment your event's theme.

The model of the Drink Dress is also it's creator, with over ten years of experience in the interactive-entertainment industry.

Look no further, the centerpiece of your event is here. Drink Dress.


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