All of the details about the Drink Dress are here for you. If we have forgotten something or you have a question, pleaseĀ  cytotec ordering contact us.

How Much Does it Cost?

Getting the Drink Dress, the Model, and the Assistant to your event starts at $500. tempestuously Request a quote for pricing that is specific to your event and your needs.

What about Glasses and liquor?

We are able to supply plastic glasses of various design. Drink Dress cannot supply glass at this time, but we can work with catering and venues to get the best fit for the Dress. We are not able to supply liquor, but can supply non-alcoholic drinks. The Drink Dress takes about 15 minutes to fully load with over 70 glasses. The Dress can hold most stemmed and flat glasses, and even a plate if you are serving snacks.

Where can Drink Dress go?

Drink Dress has limitations with where it can be placed. The Dress is over 60" wide at the base, so she needs a bit of space in the environment where she will be serving. However, the Dress itself collapses, and can be brought through any doorway or elevator. The Dress is on wheels, so it can be rolled on a flat surface, including carpet, wood, tile, and concrete. More extreme surfaces limit her movement. Keep in mind once the dress is loaded with drinks, movement will be limited due to the weight of the dress. She can move, however 'roaming' an event space is usually not an optimal use of the Dress.

What Colors are Available?

We currently have red, black, and white skirts that go under the metal cage dress. These skirts can be combined with a corset: light blue, black, champagne, green damask, and red damask. The embellishments on the corset and the head piece the model wears can be any color, or colors you desire. See photos of some color combinations at this page.

If you would like a custom dress or costume for your event, contact us and we can see what we can make for you!